Our values

Our actions are shaped by the 900 years history of our owner and his entrepreneurial experience. 
The values that guide us are deeply anchored in our corporate culture.

Molecular-biological cultivation methodsRiceTec

Precision farming Wilfersdorf Agricultural Operations

Digital forestryKalwang Forest

Container plant technologyLIECO

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The future challenges in our four sectors can only be successfully addressed through continuous innovation and technological progress. We seek to constantly improve to remain competitive.

Acquisition of Ganga Kaveri RiceTec

Acquisition of Pein & Pein LIECO

Investment in wind power projects Renewable energy

Development of new markets in AsiaPrincely Winery of the Prince of Liechtenstein

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Thorough analysis and implementation of business ideas add value to the societies we operate in. We strive to be responsible, creative, and decisive to achieve our goals.

Sparbach Nature ParkLower Austria

Wilfdfeld Conservation Association Styria

Biosphere ParkLower Austria

Read India India

Social project Sindbad

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Economic success must be in harmony with environmental and social objectives. In our entrepreneurial work we think across generations.