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Daniel Hannemann (left) and Simon Schandert (right), founders and chief executives at Tesvolt, with Johannes Meran, Chief Investment Officer of the Liechtenstein Group

Liechtenstein Group invests in TESVOLT

Liechtenstein Group has invested in the German company TESVOLT, one of the world’s leading companies in energy storage technology for the commercial and industrial sectors. ~EUR 40 million were provided by a consortium of investors led by the Liechtenstein Group.

TESVOLT was founded in 2014 by Daniel Hannemann and Simon Schandert – with the goal to develop and manufacture battery systems that store electricity from renewable energy sources as efficiently as possible.

Johannes Meran, Chief Investment Officer of the Liechtenstein Group:
"With TESVOLT, we are investing in a company that is a sound, meaningful addition to our existing portfolio of renewable energies. TESVOLT is the technology leader in an attractive growth market, and its innovative products for energy storage solutions have the potential to make a significant contribution to the global energy transition. As such, TESVOLT is supporting not only our growth strategy, but also our aim of making a positive contribution to social and environmental matters through our entrepreneurial activities."

TESVOLT specialises in battery storage for commercial enterprises. Their broad product portfolio covers all commercial and industrial areas of application for energy storage systems: with outputs from 10 kWh to 100 MWh, the solutions can be connected to high-voltage or low-voltage systems, they can be on-grid or off-grid, or used with solar, wind, hydroelectric, biogas or combined heat and power sources.

State-of-the-art prismatic lithium battery cells from Samsung SDI combined with TESVOLT´s patented and TÜV-certified Active Battery Optimizer (ABO) smart cell control system are the heart of the energy storage systems. All TESVOLT storage systems are produced in the first production facility in Europe to achieve an annual production capacity of up to 1 gigawatt hour.


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