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LIECO Forum 2021 – Working actively together to shape the future of our forests

Joining forces to withstand and combat climate change

Forestry sector meeting in Vienna

The second LIECO Forum was held at Liechtenstein Garden Palace in Vienna on November 11, 2021, with around 170 participants and amid strict Covid-19 protocols. First-rate presentations, including the latest research results, as well as lively, sometimes controversial, debate, ensured that the mood was one of optimism. At the end of the day, everyone agreed that the situation is serious, a great deal is expected of forests in terms of providing a solution to the problem of climate change and, for this reason, the question of how to shape the future must now be addressed collectively, and with courage. Close and constructive cooperation between policymakers, researchers, the timber-processing industry and forestry practitioners is essential to the survival of the entire value-added chain, from forest to timber.

"As longstanding forest owners, the question of climate-fit forests has been one of our prime concerns for many years already and, through LIECO, our aim is to make a positive contribution. For this reason, we are investing in research and development and specifically in breeding more resilient, high-quality trees. We firmly believe there is a need to catch up in this area, and over the next few years, R&D must be driven forward," stressed Constantin Liechtenstein, CEO Liechtenstein Group.

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Photo © Wolfgang Pecka
(f.r.t.r): Prof. Dr. Hasenauer, BOKU Wien (University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna), DI Maria Patek, Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Regions and Tourism, Christian Skilich, Lenzing AG, Constantin Liechtenstein, Liechtenstein Group, Erich Wiesner, WIEHAG Holzbau, Prince Hans-Adam von und zu Liechtenstein, Prof. Dr. Tom Crowther, Crowtherlab, Elisabeth Köstinger, Austrian Federal Minister of Agriculture, Regions and Tourism, Markus Hoyos, Guts- und Forstverwaltung Horn, Clara Rowe, Restor ECO AG, Oliver Hilpold, CEO LIECO Group, Prof. Dr. Ute Seeling, principal of the School of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences in Berne, Dr. Silvio Schüler, Austrian Research Centre for Forests, Josef Liegl, FV Oberpfalz, Prof. Dr. Thomas Knoke, Munich Technical University, Christoph Hartleitner, Managing Director LIECO GmbH & Co KG