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Loss of species threatens food security

Liechtenstein Group focuses on sustainable agriculture and investments in future-oriented agricultural concepts

75 percent of global food crops depend on insect pollination. In addition to climate change, the decline of biodiversity thus poses a major threat to the food security of our growing world population. In the field of agriculture, the Liechtenstein Group therefore focuses on the targeted promotion of biodiversity through sustainable farming, as well as resource-conserving and promising technologies.

One of the greatest challenges of our time is to ensure both sufficient production of food and to keep environmentally and climate-relevant emissions as low as possible. "As sustainability-focused investors, we support climate-friendly agricultural solutions that can improve yields and crop quality and increase farmer profitability while reducing emissions and residues. We focus on resource-conserving, future-oriented methods, regenerative agriculture, digitalization, a reduced use of pesticides or increased use of biologicals in the fight against climate change and for the promotion of biodiversity," explains Constantin Liechtenstein, CEO of Liechtenstein Group.

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