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As owner of forest land and a leading
afforestation company, we have a wide-ranging expertise in forestry. We are convinced that timber as a product has broad applications. The environmental advantages of wood as a material in industries such as construction and energy are undisputed.

We advocate active and sustainable forest management, as well as afforestation from suitable provenances – this enables the forest to fulfil its climate role.

We invest in companies operating in the areas of forest plant production and forest technology service.

Our portfolio


Leading producer of high quality forest seedlings, provider of forestry services (afforestation, maintenance, digitalization)

  • 30 million sold trees/ year
  • 335 ha production area

© Fotomanufaktur Grünwald

Forestry business in Lower Austria,
production and sale of hardwood,
operator of Austria's oldest nature reserve

  • 3,560 ha
  • of which 250 ha consist of nature conservation areas
  • 90,000 visitors to Sparbach Nature Reserve

© Fotomanufaktur Grünwald

Forestry business in Styria, production and marketing of high quality softwood logs

  • 13,400 ha
  • of which 3,300 ha is protected forest
  • 36,000 m³ sustainable allowable cut

With over 30 years of experience,
the leading provider of digital solutions
for the forestry industry

  • Forest Management & Software
  • Airborne Sensing
  • GIS Services