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As a company, our aim is not only to take an economically and environmentally sustainable approach, but also to fulfil our social responsibility. We assume this responsibility firstly as an employer of around 800 employees, and secondly through our support of philanthropic projects.

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READ India

The NGO has been working in rural communities in India since 2007, and has developed a model in which libraries play a central role, with the capacity to function as a key institution for social change.

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In Austria, opportunities and access to education are unevenly distributed, and the Sindbad association aims to address this. The association's vision is of a society in which people from different backgrounds engage with one another and learn from one another, a society in which young people are free to shape their own lives and orient their futures according to their talents and passions, regardless of social background.

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Cultural festival 'Summer Rhapsody in the Garden'

An event that began as a pandemic lockdown idea in spring 2020 has since become an integral part of the summer program at Liechtenstein Garden Palace. The cultural festival 'Summer Rhapsody in the Garden' was launched by the Liechtenstein Group to provide a performance opportunity for Austrian artists who were, and continue to be, particularly affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

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