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Agriculture & Food


We produce high-quality food by applying sustainable cultivation and production methods.

We run farming operations around the world and are convinced that a combination of operating expertise, innovation, strategic know-how, and patient capital is needed to overcome the global challenges faced by the sector.

Our investment focus encompasses all levels of the food supply chain with a priority on production and technology.

Our Portfolio

A world-leading agricultural technology business operating in rice seed production

  • Production & research in Asia, North and South America
  • > 1.2 million ha production area

© Fotomanufaktur Grünwald

The largest owner-operated
arable farm in Austria

  • 2,500 ha production area
  • 8 different field crops
  • 15% fallow land and biodiversity areas

© Fotomanufaktur Grünwald

Production of
high-quality organic produce

  • founded in 2020
  • 460 ha of arable land in the Weinviertel region
  • since 2023 certified organic production

Wine-growing estates in Liechtenstein
and Austria that have been in the ownership of the Liechtenstein Group for over 500 years

  • 150,000 bottles
  • 38 hectares production area
  • 150,000 vines

© Parelmo

Agricultural operation in Uruguay,
specializing in the production of high-quality
grass fed cattle, maize and soya

  • 15,000 ha production area
  • 13,600 head of cattle
  • 7,400 head of Merino sheep

Green Universe Agrogroup is a leading Spanish provider of 'Biologicals'

  • biological solutions for
    sustainable agriculture and forestry
  • natural, high-tech, residue-free biofertilizers,
    biostimulants and bioprotection products
  • active in more than 40 countries

Agritask is an open SaaS Agronomic
Intelligence (AgI) Platform

  • agronomic insights to optimize operations across the
    food value chain
  • ensure sustainable farming and sourcing practices
  • successfully deployed in over 35 countries

Developer of a gravity-powered micro-drip irrigation solution

  • no pumping stations, filters or external energy required
  • savings: Water (up to 60 %), fertilizer (up to 50 %)
  • up to 30% higher yields

Valle del Guadiana is one of Europe's
largest avocado producers

  • 460-hectare avocado farm located in Southern Spain
  • sustainable management (biologicals, renewable energy,
    efficient water management)
  • high demand meets shorter transport routes

Cutting-edge technology enabling on-demand collection, preservation, and application
of pollen

  • more stability and consistency in agricultural yields
    of corn, rice and wheat
  • Yield improvements of over 20 percent with corn
  • Potential to further increase the efficiency
    of hybrid rice production