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Valle del Guadiana

Liechtenstein Group Invests in Sustainable Spanish Avocado Farming


The Liechtenstein Group is pleased to announce its strategic investment in Valle del Guadiana, a leading producer of avocados in Spain.

Valle del Guadiana is one of Europe’s largest and most advanced avocado farms in production, and due to its scale, location, and sustainable practices, produces high-quality avocados with a much lower environmental footprint than many global avocado regions.

The avocado market has witnessed remarkable growth in recent years, propelled by shifting consumer preferences and an increased awareness of avocados’ numerous health benefits, which make them one of the world’s “super foods”.

The investment marks Liechtenstein Group's expansion of its agricultural operations, capitalizing on the rising demand for high-quality avocados worldwide. It complements the Group’s existing agricultural portfolio and is highly aligned with its objectives to back innovative, sustainable, and high-growth companies.

Johannes Meran, CEO of the Liechtenstein Group, stated, "Avocados are a compelling perennial crop that complements our existing agricultural portfolio exceptionally well. Valle del Guadiana stands out due to its efficient and sustainable operations, and an attractive production window spanning several months. As the demand for avocados in Europe continues to rise, we see this as an opportunity not only to expand our presence in an attractive market, but also to make a relevant impact on reducing the ecological footprint associated with avocado production."

Antonio Marín, CEO of Valle del Guadiana, added, "We are very excited to partner with the Liechtenstein Group. The funding provided by the Group will allow us to invest in the expansion and development of our operations. Together, we are focused on doubling-down on our strategy to produce high-quality avocados in an efficient and sustainable manner."

Cuatrecasas and GTA Villamagna advised the parties on the acquisition.