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The new dimension of forest management


Every day, forest managers face the challenge of sustainably and successfully managing the forest as a vital resource. Forest Mapping Management (FMM), part of the LIECO Group, is launching "palos", an innovative forest management software that accompanies the entire timber flow - from the plant to the sawmill.

With palos, forests of all sizes can be managed efficiently and sustainably. The platform is easy to use and has a user-friendly design. The focus lies on direct access to many functions and an immediate overview of all topics that are important for day-to-day forestry work. The dashboard can be customized to suit individual needs so that all important information can always be kept in view. "It was important to us to develop software that facilitates the daily work of forest managers and understands their processes. With palos, forest managers, forestry companies and associations can not only save time and resources, but also achieve more sustainable management of their forests," says Andreas Igel, Managing Director of FMM.

Extensive functions for sustainable forest management

  • Digital forest map
    The heart of palos is the digital forest map. It allows the forest area to be effortlessly recorded and optimized. Changes can be made easily, and precise decisions can be made thanks to extensive GIS functions.

  • Measures
    Various measures can be created within the platform - for example for harvesting or cultivation - including your own notes, and these can be delegated to the entire team.

  • Business plan
    Operate data from various sources can be selected and flexibly combined in the business plan, while maintaining an overview with the saved source. All crop data can be recorded and detailed reports can be easily created.

  • Material book
    With the material book module, we offer a solution to optimize accounting and billing. Invoices, delivery bills and measurement lists can be easily imported, and invoices created. Whether it's timber sales, lot/pile recording or transparent reports – it is all in one system.

  • Modular structure for individual needs
    The combination of modules relevant to forestry makes forest management possible in one system, transparently and comprehensibly. By working with partners, we can use their expertise in hunting, sampling and telematics to offer a wide range of additional functions integrated in palos and relevant to forestry, thus enabling efficient forest management.

  • Smart interface for easy operation
    When developing the software, great importance was attached to the user-friendly design of palos. The expertise of forestry and digitization experts has been fully incorporated to develop an appealing, user-friendly design that is easy to use and smart in its application. The dashboard can be customized to start the working day with an up-to-date overview - according to individual needs.


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