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Annual Review 2023


The Liechtenstein Group's fourth Annual Review once again provides insights into our business direction, new investments and projects of the past year.

This year's Annual Review has a particular focus on renewable energy. With 111 MWp of installed capacity and a further 800 MWp under development, there really is "a wind of innovation" blowing. Around 176 GWh of electricity were generated in 2023 by PV, wind and hydroelectric power plants on Liechtenstein Group land or under our own operation, as well as PV-Invest power plants. However, electricity storage solutions will also play a decisive role in a successful energy transition.

Nevertheless, the energy transition remains a major challenge. Bureaucracy, geography or grid connection – in Europe, the expansion of renewable energies is facing various difficulties. Higher interest rates, increases in required capex, and supply chain issues – the sector is going through massive volatility, which is leading to delays in the build-out of new renewable energy generation capacity. As Liechtenstein Group CEO Johannes Meran explains in his interview: "We cannot afford these delays! Governments need to create stable and appropriate incentive schemes, and facilitate approval processes, so that investors and entrepreneurs can get to work."

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